David West:
  • Awarded a BA in Physics, California State University (CSU), San Jose, CA
  • Pursued graduate studies in Physics, Mathematics - CSU, San Jose & Univ. of Santa Clara;
    and Cybernetic Systems - joint Stanford & CSU, San Jose studies.
  • Develops and hosts websites for small businesses, schools, and personal use
  • Website development instructor (HTML/CSS/PHP), Clovis Adult School, Clovis, CA
    and West Valley and San Jose City Colleges
  • Microsoft computer applications instructor, Fresno Adult School, Fresno, CA
  • Established Software Quality Assurance function for ESL Inc./TRW and Applied Signal Tech.
  • Taught software development and configuration management at ESL Inc./TRW
  • Software engineer on US Government contracts for ESL/TRW, Sunnyvale, CA
In the classroom, Mr. West:
  • Stresses curriculum fundamentals.
  • Modifies teaching approaches to fit differing student learning styles.
  • Is fully interactive with the students.
  • Is respectful of all students.
  • Provides success oriented, stress-free classroom environments.
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